El Agua de Gripe

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by Colic Calm

El medicamento #1 para los gases y cólicos en los infantes:

  • Alivio rápido que funciona en minutos
  • Recomendado por los pediatras
  • Suave y gentil
  • Buen sabor
  • Hecho con ingredientes activos naturales
  • Medicamento registrado en la FDA
  • Fabricado en EE.UU con los más altos estándares de remedios homeopáticos

Completamente libre de azúcar, simeticona, bicarbonato de sodio (polvo de hornear), extractos y aceites herbales, trigo, gluten, soya, productos lácteos o animales.

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El Agua de Gripe de Colic Calm® es una medicina homeopática segura, efectiva y registrada bajo la FDA. Hecho con ingredientes activos naturales, Colic Calm alivia la incomodidad de los bebés que suele estar asociada con gases, cólicos, hipo y la dentición. Nuestra fórmula líquida suave es la medicina de agua de gripe #1 para el alivio de cólicos y gases.

Libre de simeticona. Remendado por los pediatras.


Usos Sugeridos e Instrucciones

  • Sacudir la botella antes de cada uso y almacenar en un cuarto a temperatura de ambiente, fuera de la luz directa del sol.
  • Cuando los síntomas de los cólicos aparecen, llene el dispensador oral hasta ½ de cucharita y dispense lentamente, gota a gota en gota, entre las mejillas y las encías. Un dispensador con medición de NumiMed que ofrecemos (o similar) también puede ser utilizado en lugar del gotero azul, para administrar Colic Calm.
  • De ser necesario, repetir cada 60 minutos hasta 3 dosis, o como lo indique el médico. No exceda 4 dosis en 24 horas.
  • Limpie el dispensador oral y deje que se seque después de cada uso. Cierre la tapa con cuidado después de cada uso.
  • Solamente para uso oral.

Gráfico de peso

Peso Dosificación
Bajo 20 Lbs Sobre 20 Lbs
(1,25 mL) ¼ cucharita (2,5 mL) ½ cucharita


  • Colic Calm viene con una botella de vidrio ámbar de 2 onzas fluidas (59 ml) con un dispensador oral y un sello a prueba de derrames para una máxima pureza, estabilidad y seguridad. Un dispensador oral separado es incluido en cada paquete.
  • Mantener a temperatura ambiente, fuera de la luz directa del sol.
  • Recomendamos descartar la botella 2 meses después de abrirla.


Mantenga estos y todos los suplementos fuera del alcance de los niños. No exceda la dosis recomendada. No lo utilice si el sello de seguridad está roto o se ha perdido. Consulte con su proveedor de servicios de salud antes de dar este o cualquier producto similar a un bebé. Si los síntomas no parecen mejorar, consulte con el pediatra de su médico.

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Los ingredientes esenciales utilizado en el agua de gripe de Colic Calm son:

Ingredientes Activos: Aloe Socotrina 3X (Aloe), Prunus Spinosa 3X (Endrinas), Carum Carvi 3X (Alcaravea), Manzanilla 3X (Manzanilla), Foeniculum Vulgare 3X (Hinojo), Zingiber Officinale 3X (Jengibre), Melissa Officinalis 3X (Toronjil), Mentha Piperita 3X (Menta), Carbo Vegetabilis 1X (Carbón vegetal).

Ingredientes Activos: ácido benzoico, ácido cítrico, glicerina, citrato de potasio, sorbato potásico, agua purificada, xilitol.

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1815 valoraciones en El Agua de Gripe

  1. Valorado en 5 de 5

    Ami A – US Military, AA

    Gripe water helps so much with fussiness and gas! Thanks so much for a great “lifesaving” product!

  2. Valorado en 5 de 5


    I wish I had discovered this amazing product years ago with my first. She suffered from horrible gas and collic and I know she would have benefited. I discovered this with my third child and it’s been the only thing I use ever since. Probably the best proof of how amazing it is is with my youngest (fourth child). He will be 2 soon (June, 2016) and has several unknown allergies. We know for a fact he can’t have milk but have been unable to pinpoint anything else. A perfect example of how quick and amazing: Just the other day, I was out eating breakfast. I alerted the staff to his allergy and to not cook with butter etc, so I am not sure if this outburst was from this incident or not (did the staff not follow allergy protocol?). He’s eating happily then after a few minute he stops eating. He becomes fidgety in his seat. He starts grabbing at his belly and begins to fuss, but not much yet. My mom senses are tingling and I’m wondering if he’s having a reaction. He starts acting like he doesn’t want to sit and I hold him (very unusual behavior) my sister comments about how he is being spoiled but I know better. Soon he’s not even satisfied with me holding him and he’s now full fledged crying, and it’s only been maybe 2 minutes total since he started fussing. I was mad at myself because I had just switched diaper bags and no longer carried the colic calm with me because I’d left it at home in the other bag. I grabbed him up and I went to take him to the car and figure out what I was doing since home was 20 minutes away. By the time I put him in his car seat, a total of 5 minutes elapsing, he was in full fledged pain cry, and his eczema had flared up in a full fledged bright red rash on his face, only further proving he was having a reaction. My decision made, I drove a few stores over to the corner pharmacy, carried my crying toddler and purchased another Colic Calm. As soon as I paid and was walking out the door I was ripping open the packaging. I sat him in his seat, filled the syringe with the proper dosage and started singing his favorite song. Before I was finished with the song, the tears and cries had stopped, he was no longer fidgeting with his belly and was sitting calmly in his car seat. I looked at my sweet boy and said “Are you better now?” and I received a melt your heart full fledged smile. Trust me when I say, if your LO has a sensitive belly, suffers from colic or reflux, stomach pain, anything, THIS and only this is the product you want. I can’t tell you how many products I went through before this one. It is SIMPLY THE BEST and worth every penny!

  3. Valorado en 5 de 5

    Nicole C – Madison, WI


  4. Valorado en 5 de 5


    My fourth baby was born last march and was very fussy. I had never experienced such a fussy baby and had no idea how to calm her, a friend introduced me to colic calm and it has made a world of different to her, me and my family. Thanks for a great product.

  5. Valorado en 5 de 5


    Miraculous! Colic Calm worked for my baby- after 3 months of sleepless nights and a fussy baby- Wow I love it!

  6. Valorado en 5 de 5

    Tracy C

    We tried 3 different kinds of gripe water, gas drops, hypoallergenic formula, zantac and prevacid. The only thing that has worked is Colic Calm. Our daughters reflux is cured! She hasn’t vomited since the second dose! Thank you for making such an amazing product! A little pricey especially with twins but if it makes our twins happy that is all that matters! 🙂

  7. Valorado en 5 de 5

    Liliana N – Coral Gables, FL

    Thanks for helping parents and babies.

  8. Valorado en 5 de 5

    Odile S – Eagle Pass, TX

    Thank you for advising us that we can buy this type of medicine at some of the stores which you mentioned. I am sorry but we live in a city(ranch) that is 50,000 strong and this type of medicine is a gold mine. I have already told a lot of friends about your medicine. We used Mylicon on my first one and it worked okay, the second one did not get colic, and the third one, we will see. As what I have readed about Coliccalm, let see. A million thanks and I will let you know if it works. Have a nice day and thank you for the fast shipment. Todah Rabah,’ Manuel

  9. Valorado en 5 de 5

    Amy K – Lafayette, IN

    I’m happy to give my feedback about our experience with colic calm. My husband and I were quite confident we were prepared for the stress that comes with a new baby since this was our second. But we were not prepared for the endless and inconsolable crying that never seemed to end. Her pediatrician put our daughter on both reglan and zantac but when I did research I was shocked that reglan could be prescribed to 2 month old babies without FDA approval for infants, especially considering the negative side affects, including severe depression, that adults experience. We gave it to her for one day and her eyes were glazed over and she just didn?t look right and we didn?t feel right giving it to her. We started searching for other options and I came across a website about colic calm and was pleased that it was derived from natural ingredients and approved by the FDA. It worked instantly and our screaming baby has turned into a sweet smiling baby. I ordered two more bottles almost immediately and have left one at her daycare. The caretakers there were also amazed at how it worked and are pleased that the nursery is peaceful again. The person who is most appreciative is our 2 year old who now likes her sister a lot more. I will absolutely recommend this product to anyone that has a baby suffering from colic, it has changed our lives and our perception of our sweet angel!

  10. Valorado en 5 de 5

    Mandy R – Northport, AL

    Thanks for helping put the smile back on mine and my baby’s face. Great product!

  11. Valorado en 4 de 5

    Pat J

    This product is a miracle worker. Our 4 month old has severe gas issues and hiccups. She Would scream in pain. We were at our wits end when someone suggested we try your product. The first time we gave it to her was one of her bouts of having a burp stuck in her tummy. After a few minutes and rubbing her back she let out a man burp And then calmed down and fell asleep. Thank you for this product!

  12. Valorado en 5 de 5

    Dalene I – Houston, TX

    We definitely love your product. Our baby has acid reflux and none of the medication the doctors prescribed seemed to have any effect. The only thing that makes him feel better after his feedings is colic calm. I believe the homeopathic vegetable charcoal ingredient has something to do with it (perhaps it neutralizes the acid in his stomach). We are also relieved knowing he is taking something natural and safe. Thanks so much!

  13. Valorado en 3 de 5

    Jennifer K – US Military, AA

    When I had my first baby I thought things would be easy, eat, sleep,poop, burp, sleep, etc. Things weren’t. Gavin would go a full 24 hourswithout sleeping at 3 weeks old. The horror. He was so tired he wouldn’teat. It was awful. He was like that until at 8 months. I had wanted mpore kidsbut couldn’t imagine going through that again. I accidentally got pregnant and had another boy who was just as colicky. A friend recomended Colic Calm andjust minutes after we gave it to Ethan he calmed right down. I enjoyed hisbabyhood. Gavin liked his smiling baby brother. I had twin girls recently andthey are the worst, worse than Gavin. Caroline and Arianne were fussy and gassyand colicky and screechy and right after we gave them the Colic Calm they wentto sleep. It saved my sanity. Thank you so much, you have no idea how much this has helped my family.

  14. Valorado en 5 de 5

    David K – Schoolcraft, MI

    Colic Calm soothed my 2 month old son right away. His crying immediately stopped and he calmed right down. Thanks!

  15. Valorado en 5 de 5

    Krystal M

    I would recommend colic calm to ANYONE! For over 3 months we relied on Milycon. Finally we decided we needed to make a change, and took her off the Milycon. Instead giving her the Gripe Water when she started to have bad gas spouts. I swear- within 15 minutes the gas was gone and my baby was happy. It is like we have a brand new baby! Gripe Water is a life saver!

  16. Valorado en 5 de 5

    Tamara C – Shippenville, PA

    I was hoping to get the chance to let you know how much I believe in this product. As you know, this is the second order and we have decided that we cannot live without it in our house. Life before Colic Calm was unpredictable. The nights were dreadful. Our daughter would start crying endlessly in the evenings and there was nothing that would calm her. I was at the end of my rope and I decided to do a little research on the internet and up popped the Colic Calm website. The very first time we used it was like a miracle. She was calm within minutes. I truly don’t know what I would have done without it. I tell EVERYONE about Colic Calm. When people ask about the baby and how we are doing, the first thing I tell them is that Colic Calm was an answer to prayer! I actually got another mom in the neighborhood to order it and use it with their daughter and they also raved about. Thank you so much for developing a product that is all natural with no side effects (just good ones!), and for the prompt service. I am forever grateful.

  17. Valorado en 5 de 5

    Deborah Z – Brewster, NY

    I love your product.

  18. Valorado en 4 de 5

    Elena P – Chaparral, NM

    I have always been a skeptic when it comes to experimenting with new things especially when it comes to administering them to my children. Colic Calm has turned me into a faithful believer. My baby is a new infant now that even started sleeping through the entire night after a couple of days of taking Colic Calm. We saw results immediately after giving him his first dose. Thank you so much for restoring tranquility to our once sleep deprived family!

  19. Valorado en 5 de 5

    Atousa R – Potomac, MD

    I am using colic calm for my 1 year old for his reflux ? He seems to respond to it very well and feels better.

  20. Valorado en 5 de 5

    Rebecca P – Manassas, VA

    Colic Calm has been the only product thus far that has been able to ease my 3 mos old son’s gas discomfort. We do not need to use it daily as we did in the beginning but we still use it on occasion (several times weekly) and the results are quick. In the past few weeks our son has actually been able to lie on the floor for extended periods of time and coo, smile and laugh. This never happened before using Colic Calm! We’ve recommended Colic Calm to everyone we know with a baby!

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